Community Task Force Meetings Commence; Board Seeks Input from Howard-Suamico Residents in Referendum Survey

Community Task Force

The Howard-Suamico School District Board of Education meetings of the Community Task Force have commenced. The volunteer group of community leaders and HSSD parents met Wednesday, September 13 to begin a process of study, analysis and recommendation to the Board for future referendum planning. The Task Force will also meet October 4, 11, and 30 before making a formal recommendation to the Board at the regularly-scheduled November 13 Board of Education meeting. A complete list of Task Force members is below along with dates and times of upcoming meetings which are open to the public.

The Board has also requested input from Howard-Suamico residents regarding future referendum planning. Results from the survey will inform Task Force deliberation as well as Board decisions. All adult residents of Howard and Suamico are encouraged to complete the brief survey online at Paper copies and return envelopes are also available at the HSSD Office and all HSSD schools.

Community Task Force Meetings – HSSD Office and Training Center, 6 – 8 p.m.
Wednesday, September 13
Wednesday, October 4
Wednesday, October 11
Monday, October 30

Community Task Force Members
Greg Klimek, Co-Chair
Tami Quiram, Co-Chair
Laura Barnard (Board of Education liaison, non-voting Task Force member)
Jennifer Allen
Jon Biskner
Ilya Dayter
Steve DeBauche
Joel Ehrfurth
Mike Frieder
Jeremy Kopke
Steve Kubacki
Maria Lara
Adam Lemorande
Chad McAllister
Ed Nordman
Julie Paavola-Shulstad
Katie Peters
Jason Potts
Kelly Pufall
Dan Roddan
Sue Vanden Elzen

Board of Education Community Survey


The Board of Education is seeking your input via a Community Survey to inform our policy development, vision, and operations.

The brief survey is now available until November 30, 2016. Please share your feedback to help guide our work. 

You can take the survey online at or you can request a paper copy and postage-paid return envelope by calling 920-662-7878.

Mark Ashley, President
on behalf of the Howard-Suamico School District Board of Education

HSSD Community Engagement Survey 2016

Twitter surveyDear HSSD Stakeholders,

There are many great things happening in our classrooms, schools, and community.  For this, we can be proud of the vital role that all of us play in “developing productive, responsible, civic-minded adults who prosper and serve.”

As we strive to improve as a school system in 2016, we are simultaneously looking further into the future.  To help inform our strategic planning efforts, I invite you to complete an important Community Engagement Survey.  The following link will direct you to the survey. A postcard is also being sent to all Howard and Suamico households to encourage participation throughout our communities.  The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes and is available until Friday, February 19.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Serving, Learning, and Achieving Together,

Damian LaCroix
Howard-Suamico School District